About us

How COMO came about

After several years of development and market launch, the COMO camping boxes have been available in their current form since 2020.

Even in the development phase, the aim was to develop a light and flexible system that - unlike heavy and unwieldy systems - is also suitable for spontaneous use. COMO was developed specifically for customers who want to use their camping box on short notice and want to install and remove it several times a year.

With this objective in mind, it was clear from the beginning of the development phase that only aluminum could be considered as a material for the COMO camping boxes. Aluminum constructions are light, highly stable and corrosion- and weather-resistant. Aluminum is ideal for outdoor use, which is why it is also used in aircraft and yacht construction.

It was also clear from the start that the COMO camping boxes should be as reduced as possible and designed to be easy to handle in order to enable spontaneous use with plenty of storage space. For this reason, for example, the COMO Camper did not install a water tank with a sink in the rear kitchen: experience has shown that water supply and disposal can be ensured more flexibly and easily with a separate fresh water tank or canister. The space thus freed up in the box can be used practically and sensibly. The frame system for Euroboxes of the COMO Easy and the option to convert to a single bed on all COMO models also create flexibility.

In an everyday car that is temporarily converted into a camper, the available space must be used optimally in order to create sufficient living and storage space for a comfortable stay on board. COMO is therefore developed in such a way that it can be configured to suit every application.

COMO Camper is innovative: Our camper systems are constantly being developed further with great attention to detail. The focus is on the highest quality of workmanship and longevity. We also incorporate suggestions and individual requests from our customers into our development process in order to continuously develop our product range.

Our founder Sepp Klement has been traveling as a camper for decades. He knows what you need for a comfortable camper holiday and and his team have developed the light and flexible COMO camping boxes. His professional career in design and product development has been reflected in development.

Positive customer loyalty is important to us: We maintain close customer contact, advise our customers on the selection of the COMO camping box that is optimal for them and also enable individual solutions for unusual vehicle types and areas of application.

COMO Camper Sepp Klement